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I was really excited this day because someone brought in a pumpkin carved
like a panda to the AOII event I was hosting.

Hey there, My name is Martha Appiah! I LOVE taking selfies, shopping and Pinterest. Welcome to my lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog. I want my blog to be very interactive. Not only do I want to hear your thoughts and opinions but I also want you lovelies to connect with each other. I am very quirky and random (like on many occasions, I will start to randomly dance... with or without music... no matter where I am). My very first post I wrote is a 20 questions/get to know me post, if you want to learn even more about me. Once again, welcome to my website and I am glad you found it! I don't know what exactly will become of this blog, but I have an idea and I'm excited to start the journey. 

AOII's throwing what we know: Alpha Love

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